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Welcome to Dilek Nelson's Samples of Work

As someone who is seeking a teaching position through alternate route certification, my samples of work are based on projects in my course work rather than samples of teaching. In time, as I begin teaching, I will add samples of my teaching to this page.


  • The Case of the Body in the Bag
    In this project, I applied principles of probability to determine preliminary profiles of a victim and an offender in a crime investigation.
  • Statistics
    This project had the purpose of checking cigarette companies' claims on the amount of nicotine in their products.
  • Maple Project
    This project used the Maple program to illustrate how small changes in a function can result in large changes in the shape of the object.
  • The Land of Sudan During 11th Century
    In this project, I constructed a map of Sudan by studying descriptions of travel in ancient historical texts.